AKC trailer 01bBastrop County Animal Services is pleased to announce the receipt of an AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer in August 2020. The trailer was made possible by donations of $6,000 each from the Austin Kennel Club and the Travis County Kennel Club and by grants from the AKC Humane Fund and AKC Reunite.

The mobile AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers deliver essential, nonperishable necessities for sheltering pets when and where needed by local emergency management. The trailers provide animal care services Cages inside of the trailerduring the first critical hours following a disaster, before FEMA support and services can be deployed.

Here in central Texas, those emergencies can be from fires, tornados, and flooding. Public health emergencies are also included. Bastrop County and Travis County officials will coordinate on deployment when or if a need arises in our area.

The AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer is stocked with essential supplies to create a safe, temporary home-base for at least 65 displaced animals directly after a disaster is declared.  The trailer has lighting and is wired for electricity, to run off either a generator or 110v power supply.  Typical trailer contents include:

  • Administrative Supplies: Log books, volunteer registration forms, wrist/collar bands, check-in materials
  • Maintenance Equipment: Batteries, gas can, duct tape
  • Animal Care Items: Crates packed on rolling dollies for easy set-up, cat carriers, litter, microchips and scanner, bowls, collars and leashes
  • Equipment: Fans, generator, lighting, 
  • Cleaning Supplies: Mop, hose, trash can, tarps, litter boxes, disinfectants
  • Access to Training Materials: Turnkey implementation of co-located shelters and pop-up reunion centers, volunteer mobilization, decontamination and replenishment

Austin KC & Travis County KC AKC Reunite Trailer with logos
The trailer is outfitted to create one of two types of animal shelters:

  • Co-location Shelters:  A shelter that houses both humans and their animal companions.  The people housed at the shelter are responsible for their animal’s general care.
  • Lost and Found Pet Shelters:  Displaced animals are housed in what often becomes a pop-up reunion center as people and animals are reunited.  Approved volunteers and shelter staff provide animal care.

Learn more about how to get involved in AKC Pet Disaster Relief at www.akcreunite.org/relief  or contact:  919-816-3980 and email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Donations are tax deductible and accepted online or via the AKC Pet Disaster Relief Donation Form.

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It is with profound regret and sadness that the Board of the Austin Kennel Club has voted to cancel our September 19-20, 2020 shows.

In light of what is happening within the United States, the uncertainty of regulations that will be in place in September, the lack of workers, the inability to protect and enforce all that is needed to keep everyone safe, it was the only decision that we could make.

The dates for next years’ shows are September 25-26, 2021. We hope to see you then. In the meantime, stay safe, use masks, wash your hands with soap and water for +20-seconds, practice safe social distance, and avoid crowded places.


The Canine Chronicle - Perry & Little Perry Dog Shows Rescheduled

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Dog Shows – Turning the Covid 19 Corner

“Fear not – if everything goes according to plan, the wait is nearly over.”

by Sandy Weaver

It’s been a long time since Louisville was abruptly shut down, mid-cluster. It’s been a long time since those who rely on dog shows for their income have been able to do their work, and it’s been a long time since those who just love dog shows, dog sports, dog people and dog events have had a dog show fix. With the list of canceled events stretching into September, some people despair that they’ll never see a dog show again.

Fear not – if everything goes according to plan, the wait is nearly over.

CDC 23312
Because of the urgency of the novel COVID-19 virus, many kennel clubs have cancelled their dog shows.  While this is an unprecedented step for most of us, it is quite necessary if we are to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

The American Kennel Club is closely monitoring the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. AKC encourages all staff, judges and exhibitors to follow the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control’s recommendations to maintain proper hand, respiratory and personal hygiene, practice social distancing and be mindful of any and all travel restrictions/guidelines. AKC further advises that show chairs and organizers have copious amounts of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations available to participants and exhibitors.

Just a reminder:
wash hands with soap and water numerous times — 20 seconds minimum is recommended time for each washing.

For information on COVID-19 updates from AKC, please visit:

COVID-19 Updates from the American Kennel Club

For more updates on AKC event cancellations, please visit




The FDA is investigating potential links between canine heart disease and diet — specifically grain-free dog food diets. AKC has compiled the information you need to know to understand this ongoing investigation.

Why is the FDA Investigating Grain-Free Dog Food?

Dog eating food from a bowl