May 1 was National Purebred Dog Day.  We hope you celebrated with your pet.  

National Purebred Dog Day— — has some pet tags that you can print to put on doors and crates.  Help keep your friends safe.


 We always assume nothing will ever happen to us (and we really hope it doesn't).  However, if we become involved in an accident and we have our pets with us, or we are away from home, who tells first-responders who will take care of the pets left at home.

On the National Purebred Dog website, one of their freebies are business cards you can put contact information on, laminate and keep in your wallet or purse when you travel.  It will tell people who to contact should you be involved in an accident.  The other freebie is a cage card you can put on each dogs cage with information about who they should contact.  This is for first-responders. You can download both cards here